How can I request my warranty?

To make a warranty valid you must send us the following information to the following email

  • Model and serial number.
  • Product failure.
  • Ticket or invoice of purchase (Digitalized).
  • Your address with zip code, phone number and full name.
¿Dónde puedo comprar más aplicaciones?

Tablet applications (apps) and widgets can be purchased or downloaded from a large number of sites. The tablet comes prepared with the Google Play application, which allows you to access the Google Play portal and is enabled to download from music, videos and apps. You can also try the Amazon application site.

How can I open an account in Play Store?

Go to Play Store, select the option Create new account. You will have to register your email address, username and password.

How can I repair my tablet if it breaks down or falls into the water?

Please read the warranty policies at the end of this instruction manual. If the failure is not covered by Vorago's warranty, you may contact Customer Support at 01800-7 VORAGO (867246) or at to see what options are available.

¿Necesito dejar terminar toda la carga de la batería de la tableta para recargarla?

No; ideally you should charge the tablet when it reaches 3% charge, the tablet will warn you when to plug it in as the battery charge is low. It is recommended not to let it discharge.

Is it possible to upgrade my tablet processor?

No; any attempt to upgrade the tablet hardware will void your Warranty and may also compromise the operation of the tablet.

Can my tablet's memory be enhanced?

You may expand the memory by means of microSD to increase your storage capacity for Documents, Photos, Music, etc.
Example of internal memory distribution:
NOTE: This example is based on the 8GB of storage of the PAD 101, there may be small variations depending on the model.

Technical and warranty support